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have changed! The U.S. Post Office has hiked the rates for Standard International shipping to outrageous rates! I used to charge $3.00/order which covered everything outside the U.S. NOW the rate is $9.50 for Canada and $13.95 for the rest of the world. Sadly, I expect this has put ABW buttons out of reach for the rest of the world. My sincere apologies for the U.S. Postal System. (I never added anything beyond the actual shipping costs; I still don't.)

NOTE: Value Added to Your Order

Well -- the "value" is up to you! Over the years I've done a lot of experimenting. And, for one reason or another (I have high standards for my buttons.) some buttons don't make the grade. So, ONE FREE EXPERIMENTAL BUTTON will be included with every order. It's pot luck of course, but if you can't use it, maybe it would be perfect for a colleague.

Designer Buttons

Art Button Works (ABW) is run by me, Clair Dunn, in Northern Vermont—experimenter, fiddler, and tinkerer. She makes one-of-a-kind designer buttons and sets for weavers, knitters, sewers, and fashion designers. Of course the buttons are also useful (and sometimes even inspiring) to bag-makers, hatters, and quilters—in short, all textile artisans. See what ABW customers have said!

The material used for the buttons is polymer clay with just about any method of applying color and texture Clair can come up with. All buttons, except for the earliest ones , bear my mark on the back as well as the mark of Art Button Works itself. For more "technical" information, see our Research Page. I do not use materials that are damaged by laundering.

Finding the Buttons You Want

Art Button - Dunn

Browse the color galleries listed on the left to see button sets where the named color is the predominant button color. Sets will vary in size from 2 to 10 and of course, custom orders can be any number you choose. Sold buttons and buttons on display off-site appear at the end.

NOTE: Size given for button sets is the size of the largest button.

Uniqueness is Guaranteed

This is, and will be, true. Though sets may vary in the number of buttons, and within a set, slight variations may occur, each set is singular. No other set will appear the same.

Design (pattern) and colors used are the two indicators of uniqueness. You may find close similarity in design, but the colors will not be the same. And, you may find the same colors used, but the designs will be very different. This means that you should ever only order ONE of anything!!